Warren-Newport Library Apologizes for Tax Filing Error

An administrative error by the Warren-Newport Public Library District will result in a temporary increase in taxes paid to the library in 2017 for 2016. To correct the error, the 2017 levy will ask for a lesser amount (a “double abatement”) to make whole the taxpayers.

We made a mistake.  We apologize to our taxpayers and are currently taking steps to ensure this is a onetime error.” – Ryan Livergood, executive director of Warren-Newport Public Library

The 2016 tax bills that were recently mailed to homeowners reflect a special tax to pay a bond debt that was levied in 2010 to refinance existing bond debt at a more favorable rate. In past years, the library filed an ordinance to abate, or void, the tax and pay down the bond with the Corporate/General Library Fund.

A homeowner with a home market value of $250,000 will see a onetime increase of $39 for bond retirement; for a $400,000 home, the special tax is $66. The additional tax revenue is expected to generate $863,196 and will be set aside in a separate fund.

While the library board passed a bond tax abatement ordinance on January 17, 2017, it was not properly filed with the Lake County Clerk’s office. Therefore, the County Clerk was compelled to levy a special tax for bond retirement. A corrective ordinance on the board’s May 16 agenda is expected to address the imbalance.

“We made a mistake,” said Ryan Livergood, WNPL’s executive director. “We apologize to our taxpayers and are currently taking steps to ensure this is a onetime error. I personally regret that it happened, and it serves to remind us that, as humans, we are not perfect. The board and administrative staff truly appreciate the community’s support as we move forward.”

The Warren-Newport Public Library District, founded by volunteers in 1973, serves a population of approximately 67,000 within a 55-square mile area that covers all or most of Warren and Newport townships, including Gurnee, Wadsworth, Park City, Wildwood, Grandwood Park, Old Mill Creek, and portions of Grayslake, Millburn, Lake Villa, Libertyville and Waukegan.


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