Local Holistic Nurse Pens Earth Day Letter

Happy Earth Day!

Your mother spent years caring for you, giving you life, a home, sustenance and entertainment. In exchange she asks for respect. It seems like a fair trade.

Yet, year after year, we do the exact opposite to our Mother Earth.

Ask yourself, “what have I done for the place we call home? Have I been a good steward? Am I truly caring for the only place that we know of that can support life…or do I take this gift for granted?”

I am a holistic nurse. I work to create a healing environment, recognizing that healthy surroundings support individual well-being.  I see it as my responsibility to evaluate a patient’s entire being, rather than just the symptoms of their illness. Furthermore, I know that without the healing influence that the natural world provides, many treatments simply wouldn’t be as effective as they are.

Bottom line: It’s time for each of us to make an ongoing investment in the preservation of our planet. Whether we each recognize it or not, there is an important and lasting connection between the environment and anyone who lives in it.

Therefore, I will be celebrating Earth Day by encouraging my patients to connect with the world around them and to honor our Mother Earth for all that she provides. We owe it to the planet, and to ourselves, to pamper this particular mother for more than just one designated day.


Cynthia Ingram BS RN HN-BC COHN-S

Northeast Illinois / Southeast Wisconsin AHNA

American Holistic Nurses Association


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