Commentary: Warren Township Resident Defends Simpson’s Record

Dear Editor:

I am horrified to see that you printed a dishonest letter to the editor from one of Chicago Political Boss Mike Madigan’s (…)men, who attempted to create a “conspiracy of waste” out of routine Warren Township spending for youth and senior programs.  This recent transplant to Warren Township is working for the Democrat candidates for Township, who were selected in a little publicized caucus of a handful of people in a backroom of a bar. 

Everyone, who has lived in Warren Township for more than a week, knows that Sue Simpson and her team of Trustees run a tight ship.  Warren Township offers an awesome “bang for the buck” in its numerous programs and “state of the art” parks and facilities. 

So what are hand-picked inexperienced Chicago Democratic machine candidates supposed to do if they want to win an election?   Apparently, they had their political operative develop a strategy of making mountains out of molehills.

Look at the lame issues raised in the Chicago political operative’s letter:  1. Warren Township replaced a worn-out copy machine, which prints thousands of program guides for our seniors and youth.  2. Warren Township invited a civil war historian to speak to seniors, the cost of which was covered by an admission fee, which included valet parking for those who had difficulty walking.  3.  Hundreds of volunteers, who donated time all year in programs for youth and seniors, each received a gift certificate for a pie. (Do Machine Democrats want to get rid of the volunteers working all year for the cost of a pie, and hire patronage employees instead?)  4.  The Township purchased video games for the teen center to keep at risk kids off the street. 5.  The Township paid for routine maintenance and cleaning of six Township buildings.

And all of this is supposed to be a scandal?  You would think that a Chicago political operative could have come up with something better, after wasting countless hours of Township employees time through frivolous Freedom of Information Act requests.

Sue Simpson is a Warren Township High School graduate, who has lived in this Township her entire life.  She has a record of promoting a high quality of life for her fellow citizens through offering quality programs for our youth and seniors at the lowest possible cost.  She and her independent slate of candidates deserve to be re-elected.

Peter S. Karlovics,

Warren Township Resident

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