‘Family Feud’ Erupts at Zion High School, Eight Arrested

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by Tina Johansson

Eight Zion-Benton Township High School students were taken into custody early Thursday morning by Zion Police and charged with misdemeanors ranging from disorderly conduct to mob action.

“This was a fight where two families were feuding and it erupted into a physical confrontation this morning,” said Zion Police Chief Stephen Dumyahn.

Students arrested were males and females ranging between the ages of 16 and18, with three age 18.

School staff called police at 7:47 a.m., and they arrived at the main campus shortly after. The fight took place in the main lobby of the school located at 3901 W. 21st Street in Zion.

“The school had it under control by the time we got there,” said the chief. Seven officers responded, rushing to the school in several squad cars, including at least one unmarked, according to a bystander.

After viewing the altercation on the school’s surveillance video, the chief praised the actions of district staff and security. “It looks like they handled everything pretty well,” he said. 

Several parents dropping off their children for the day at the school saw the squad cars in the parking lot and wondered aloud what had transpired.

The fight involved both males and females.  As for injuries: “One of the girls had swelling around her eyes,” said the chief of the aftermath from the brawl.

Police said the students arrested range between the ages of 16 and18, with three of them 18 years old.

“Since this is an active investigation, we are still working on whether any future charges will be filed,” said Chief Dumyahn.  

“There is no indication that this was gang related,” he added. No reason was given for the fight as the investigation is ongoing.

Zion-Benton Township High School District composed of two schools has approximately 2,700 students.

The school did not comment on the incident, and calls placed to the school superintendent were not returned.

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