Tarot Card Readings & Clearings in Libertyville Monday

Jennifer Lauren Burkhart is a Libertyville motivational speaker and energy specialist. – Burkhart photo

Beginning tomorrow evening Jan. 9, and also held on Jan. 23 local energy worker specialist, writer, and motivational speaker 
Jennifer Lauren Burkhart will offer group tarot card readings and clearings from 7 p.m. – 9 p.m. at her Libertyville location.

  • Learn to do a Tarot Card reading for yourself
  • Interpret your own reading
  • Strengthen your intuitive muscle
  • Receive a reading and energy clearing regarding the individual and group issues at the time

Come to one or both session.  These readings and clearings are geared towards helping participants every two weeks or every four weeks.  The information received is said to act as a permanent resource over the next several weeks to support and achieve ones soul purpose and goals for the present and future.

$20 Donations Suggested
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To sign up for the event, and to find out where, contact Burkhart at Jen.Burkhart@comcast.net.

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