Gurnee Police Make Auto Burglary & Identity Theft Arrests

Two burglar suspects from Waukegan were arrested early Sunday by Gurnee Police after a resident heard a car with a loud muffler, driving slowly through her neighborhood. The car seemed to stopping frequently.

It was 3 a.m. when the resident in the 1100 block of Sumner Circle saw from her window that the door on one of her vehicles in her driveway had been opened. That’s when she called police.

When officers arrived, they also noticed that several other vehicles in the area appeared to have been burglarized. One victim told the officers that she found that her stolen credit card had just been used at a local fast restaurant. Officers rushed to the restaurant and arrested the two suspects.

They are identified as Paulo Aragon, 20, charged with identity theft and burglary; and Edgar V. Vazquez, 20, charged with burglary. Both are being held in Lake County Jail with Aragon’s bond set at $10,000, while Vazquez’s at $5,000.

Aragon, left, and Vazquez, both of Waukegan are being held for allegedly burglarizing vehicles in Gurnee. – Gurnee PD

Gurnee Police Chief Willie Meyer called the incident “an excellent example of an alert resident working in partnership with police.”

“If you hear or see something that seems suspicious, don’t hesitate to call police,” he said.

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