Everything for Halloween at Longtime JJ Blinkers Store

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton masks are big hits this year, with Trump leading in sales. – JJ Blinkers photos

by Long Hwa-shu

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are selling like hot cakes.

Their masks, that is, according to Joanne Linker, owner of JJ Blinkers, the popular novelty store in downtown Antioch.

“With the election coming up, Trump and Clinton masks are a hit this year,” she said.

“The Trump mask definitely gets the most attention and chatter! Whether you are for or against him, his masks are in hot demand,” she added.

If you are skittish about applying makeup, the store will have a makeup artist do it for you during the weekend of Oct. 27-31. Just call to make an appointment.

With Halloween approaching, JJ Blinkers which is marking its 31st year at the same location – 896 N. Main Street – is stocked high with thousands of holiday items from rubber chickens to super-hero costumes to the latest trend. The store is still open seven days a week: 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., Monday through Friday; and 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Saturday. Sunday hours are 10 to 4 p.m.

Among the newest outfits are the T-Rex inflatable air-blown type, featuring a little battery-operated blower that inflates and fills the costume. Your wrists and feet are closed with Velcro. They are similar to the exterior air-blown holiday decorations. “They are hilarious,” said Linker of the inflatable costume.

The masks, by the way, are made of latex with lots of attention paid to detail along with visibility and comfort, she pointed out. Many of the masks are made in Illinois also, noted Linker.

A gremlin mask and colorful costume is a standout getup for Halloween.

For those who prefer not to wear masks, the store carries a variety of facial prosthetics to make you look whoever and whatever you want to be.

“We have all inclusive makeup kits with everything you need including step-by-step directions to make yourself into a Frankenstein, a witch, Dracula/Vampire, a skeleton or a zombie,” said the owner.

If you are skittish about applying makeup, the store will have a makeup artist do it for you during the weekend of Oct. 27-31. Just call to make an appointment.

As always, Superheroes have remained popular to this day. “We have seen many generations having passed on their own Superhero costumes to their children and grandchildren,” Linker keenly observed.

Just like Superheroes, the store carries Freddy, Jason and Michael Myers that Linker said are a staple.

“It’s so cute when a little kid comes in and wants one so badly even if it is too big for him,” she said, adding, “But the kid insists saying, ‘Mom! I can see perfectly!’”

“As he walks, he bumps right into his dad,” she added wryly.

“Whether you are for or against (Trump), his masks are in hot demand.” – Joanne Linker, owner of JJ Blinkers costume shop in Antioch

Oh yes, fangs which can add an eerily ghostly look for Halloween, are plentiful at JJ Blinkers. 

“We have very comfortable fangs that you custom fit around your own teeth. Simply pop them on and off when needed,” said the owner.

“We also have dental fronts that are easy to use and really can pop your costume.”

JJ Blinkers is always trying to have everything one needs for holidays, for special occasions and for every day fun.

Even if you are not in the mode for a mask or costume, go to JJ Blinkers to find the perfect Halloween display. You will no doubt find some unique and unusual decorating ideas.

“We know a lot of people enjoying shopping local and we try to have as much as we can for you,” said Linker, pointing out that the store will be open later during the last couple of weeks of October.

The store is giving away fun prizes for shoppers. Collect “Cluck Bucks” as you shop and enter to win some “cool stuff.” “It’s our way of giving back to those who still enjoy the brick and mortar shopping experience,” she said.

located in Antioch
JJ Blinkers joke and costume shop, in its 31st year, is located at 896 N. Main Street in Antioch. Even if you’re not looking for a mask or costume, this store has a good selection of Halloween decorations for your home.

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