New Gurnee Park Welcomed with Picnic, Ribbon Cutting

New playground equipment was installed at Ravinia Park in Gurnee atop artificial turf and soft rubberized flooring. The park officially opened Oct. 13. – Tina Johansson/theYOUjournal photos

by Tina Johansson

Gurnee Park District hosted a ribbon cutting ceremony Thursday at a newly renovated park in the Ravinia Woods subdivision.

A number of brand new pieces of park equipment including slides, jungle gyms, and a mini climbing rock wall were perched atop artificial grass and rubberized flooring.

Hot dogs and cheeseburgers were cooked for guests on an open grill, while others helped them assemble the quintessential camping treat, s’mores.

What would have been a $900,000 park, we were able to do ourselves for $500,000.” – Gurnee Park Board President Jim Gorshorn

Families and neighborhood residents –many with their family pooch in tow– enjoyed visits from the Ninja Turtles, while children played with glow sticks and tiny pumpkins they were given.

Before Jim Gorshorn, the park board president, gathered officials for a ribbon cutting, he explained the park which is “heavily used” needed to be replaced.

Twice, board members lobbied the state capitol for funding, and each time they failed, he explained.

“What would have been a $900,000 park, we were able to do ourselves for $500,000,” said Gorshorn.

He praised park district employees for working hard to install equipment, and landscape the park to its currently lovely status.

“One more thing we are going to do is build a walking path,” said the board president. “We’re going to begin that in about a week.”

  • Brightly painted park equipment and colorful mums make for a perfect fall day.

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