Lake Bluff Company Makes Things Simple For Businesses

Above, Sam Alper, owner of Process Human Factors Consulting LLC in Lake Bluff. – ProcessHF photo

by Tina Johansson

“You may not think you need me, but you do,” 35-year-old Sam Alper, tells his clients often.

Alper, founder and president of Process Human Factors Consulting, LLC (ProcessHF) in Lake Bluff developed his company a little more than a year ago to help medium-sized businesses grow and prosper, while relieving some of the undue effort and clutter they may face.

He sets out to replace old ways with an increase in productivity and better customer service, while strengthening the bottom line of the business.

Some businesses are fine on their current path, however they wish to continue with less struggle. Mr. Alper, a Ph.D. in industrial and systems engineering, helps with that too.

Keeping it simple, is key. Alper will break down the present procedures to see how they well they are working.

His new business plan will emerge as straightforward and uncomplicated, making work life so much better.

In analyzing routine processes of the business in need of help, he will start by dissecting the issues, often from the bottom-up. “Because,” he says, “it’s easier to address small problems, than big problems.”

The approach assists companies in realizing the opportunities they have, while analyzing and understanding the barriers they may face.

Alper has helped a number of businesses get on track including a law firm and a medical device company.

“A lot of people tell me their business is running okay and they are satisfied with that,” said Alper.  “But often times they don’t know how low morale or poor processes are impacting the way their office staff and sales force is representing them.”

Alper stated his company recognizes the many workplace challenges including employees feeling unappreciated. “We identify these attitudes and collaborate with our clients to find solutions for a more effective working environment.”

Though a serious businessman, Alper also has a fun side. He happens to be a juggler, and he’s pretty good at it—in fact world-class.

He began learning to juggle as a 6th grade student, after getting a book from his parents called “Juggling for the Complete Klutz.” He went on to hone his skill while attending University of Wisconsin-Madison.

While working with a juggling group in college, Alper said he improved greatly.

He paid close attention to a particular skilled juggler in the group, and within two weeks, Alper said he had learned a number of new tricks.

“How this applies to my business, is that it took working with a group who were better than me, in order to get me from being decent to very good,” he said. “Before that, I was on a plateau.”

“We are only doing well, until somebody opens our eyes to the opportunities that are in front of us.”

Some examples of results achieved from Process Human Factors Consulting, LLC:

  • Discovered ways a law firm’s file-handling and administrative practices were causing infighting and loss of productivity. ProcessHF suggested new methods of operation which saved time, reduced rework, and afforded employees time to add additional revenue-generating tasks.


  • Analyzed the new business procurement practices of a sales training company and identified new opportunities, methods, and processes for them to reach potential customers, to laser-focus on targeted clients, and to increase the likelihood of engagement with the prospects.


  • With one question, correctly diagnosed why a web development firm’s employee consistently required more hours than quoted and uncovered an opportunity for increased revenue on each project.

Other services Alper can provide includes advising clients in all stages of the product design process, product review, development and review of warning labels and instructions, identification and evaluation of relevant regulations and standards, proactive risk and failure analysis, consumer product recalls, and litigation.

Alper is a published author of dozens of scientific papers related to human factors, safety protocol, and technology implementation. He has also been called on as an expert witness in cases dealing with failure-to-warn claims and human error.

Sam Alper can be reached at 608.347.6405. To find out more about Process Human Factors Consulting, LLC visit or @processhf.

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