Fairytale blossoms for local financial coach and her beau

“Love is lovelier the second time around.”

Andrea Foreman, Co-Founder of Financially Fit Women Chicago teaches women to take control of their finances. (Financially Fit Women Chicago)
Andrea Foreman, Co-Founder of Financially Fit Women Chicago and her fiancé Dan Fisher.Andrea Foreman photo

by Andrea Foreman

After finding myself single again at the age of 52 with two teenage kids, I decided it was time to join an online dating site in May of 2012.

I initially joined both Match.com and JDate. They say you have to kiss a lot of frogs to find your prince and I did just that. Having one bad date after another, I kept going offline only to go back online again.

When I met Dan, I thought he was very different than any of my other dates. We chatted online only a few very brief times and sent a few texts to put a date on the calendar.

On the way to our first date, I decided to call Dan. I told him that this was the only time I had never talked on the phone prior to meeting a date. He said it was his first time as well. When we met, I realized we had so much in common. We talked for hours and didn’t even realize anyone else was in the restaurant. After many rounds of our “all you can eat” soup and salad, we said our goodbyes and Dan walked me to my car. He gave me a huge kiss and I was kind of surprised by it, but pleasantly!

Then our Cyber Love Story got tricky.

A week went by before our scheduled second date and no word from Dan, so I didn’t think that he was very interested in me. I then canceled our date and starting dating someone else.

When that relationship ran its course, I rejoined Match for a second time. Dan noticed my reactivated profile and “winked” at me. I responded and wondered if he had recognized me, which he did. We made plans to get together almost immediately and finally went on our second date.

We have been inseparable ever since and after three years, just became engaged on December 2, 2015. We gave online dating a chance and as the song goes, Love is Lovelier the Second Time Around!

I really didn’t think I’d find the love of my life later in life, let alone get married again, but I was fortunate enough that I did and I am truly blessed!

I was married for twenty years before and have two children. I had a big wedding then, so it won’t be anything like that, but I’d still like to be a bride again.

Dan and I have been together for the past three years. We both agreed early on that we’d like to get married, but the topic didn’t get serious till just a few weeks ago.

While in Texas walking through a mall, we looked at rings at some of the jewelry stores. I showed him what I liked and he took pictures. Well, that was the end of it. He never brought up the subject again and I just assumed we would wait a while.

On December 2, Dan took me totally by surprise! I honestly thought it would be another year till he proposed, but he brought home a little box from my favorite jeweler, Shelle Jewelers in Northbrook. I felt like a princess in a Fairy Tale!

Dan told me he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me and gave me the most gorgeous ring I’ve ever seen! He picked it out by himself and I couldn’t imagine any other ring. It’s perfect! He’s perfect! I’ve never known anyone so kind, understanding, giving and loving. Not only to me, but to my children, my friends and my family. I’ve never known this kind of love! On a side note, I kind of blew his original plan. I needed a new robe, but I went out and bought myself one. He was going to buy me a robe and put it in the pocket, so he decided to simply present it to me. He couldn’t wait and gave it to me the day he picked it up.

Some people say to me, why get married again? Well, it just makes your bond even that much closer. It’s the biggest commitment you can make to someone. And, with all the terrible things that are going on in the world, why not have a little bit of something good and exciting to look forward to.

When I was dating, before I met Dan, I would tell myself that I’m waiting for the Fairy Tale. Well, I’m a believer, Fairy Tales do come true!





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