Summer Makeup Tips: How to Maintain a Fresh Glow

by Jennifer Zanotti Ori

Hello readers! As a professional makeup artist and esthetician for the past 14 years, I have received numerous questions from people.

The most frequently asked is, “How can I keep my makeup looking great in the hot, humid months of our great Chicago summers?”

Clients just aren’t quite sure what makeup to use and what type of care they should have for their summer skin.

Having oily skin myself, I know firsthand how the humidity and heat can make you feel. Sometimes it is though your makeup is melting right off your face!

First of all, I must say it is very important to protect your skin year-round from the sun. And this is especially true in the summer months.

Using a hydrating moisturizer that is oil free and has SPF is my recommendation. And yes, I said hydrating! Oil and water are two different things. Your skin needs water and moisture, but not added oil if you have an oily skin type.

Also, make sure you use a light exfoliating scrub once or twice a month. This should help slough off any dry, dead skin and keep your skin looking fresh.

As for your makeup, I suggest using a tinted moisturizer, BB cream or even just your favorite concealer in problem areas where you need coverage. Go sheer.

In the summer, we can go a little bit lighter. You can go sheer and still have awesome coverage, and look fantastic!

But something super important to use after any cream or liquid product is definitely some kind of mineral powder. Mineral powders are a little lighter and finer and look smoother on the skin and definitely contain better ingredients.

You always want to set your makeup with a dusting of powder. This way your makeup lasts longer, and that melting feeling will be kept at bay.

You can use a large powder brush for a more sheer application or a smaller brush for fuller coverage.

Have fun with colors too. A little pop of color on the lips, cheeks or eyes is always great in the summer. Please limit that color to only one area though. You don’t want too much of a good thing in the summertime!

Lastly, and very important, let me give you a touch up note: When you do get some sweat/shine, DO NOT apply powder over it. Your powder will darken in the spots where you have oil or perspiration. You need to remove that shine first by using blot films/papers. Once it is removed, then you can reapply.

One of the best tips I’ve ever heard (it works great for all you brides, bridesmaids, and wedding/event guests) is if you are in a jam at a venue, go to the ladies room and grab one of the toilet covers to blot your face. Seriously! Why not? It is tissue and is made of the same stuff the blot films are made from. They can be a lifesaver in those very important moments.

Hope these tips help you get through the summer looking fabulous!

Jen Z's Beauty Services, Highland Park
Bride Courtney Mixter looks radiant in her light, summery makeup applied at Jen Z’s Beauty Services in Highland Park. (Jeremy Lawson Photography)

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